Billionaire Budha By Melissa Scott

Melissa is the author of the transformational and enlightening book Billionaire Buddha - Money and Mystical Secrets That work! This book reveals simple and powerful secrets that ANYONE can use to create their desired reality. It shares the path to secrets to manifesting, how to stop sabotaging and start living an authentic and empowered life NOW (Also a great pre read in preparation for your next life!).

In this compelling read Melissa Shares the magical awareness’s that have come from coaching thousands of individuals to transform their limitation and also the secrets she used to manifest the man, career, and life of her dreams!

You will learn

  • How to use the secret language of your unconscious mind
  • How to bust thru past limitation once and for all
  • How to manifest what you want when you want
  • How to create and attract money, love and your happily ever after
  • Exactly how to live a life without negative energy and draining emotions
  • How to live the enlightened billionaire lifestyle without being an enlightened billionaire!